Best Travel Agencies

The internet has changed a lot of things including the way people plan their trips, so it is almost unavoidable to plan a trip without looking through the Internet. Booking plane tickets and making hotel reservations is very common, though online booking is expanding to other categories which include cruises, and adventure travel. With countless sites out there, it’s tough to know where to start. However, if you know which site to go with, you may be able land the best deals on airfares and hotels. No one likes to spend a month or a year looking for a cheap way to travel or to find a cheap hotel. These sites offer sensible deals for both flights and hotels.


Kayak is a part of Priceline and you can not book directly through kayak. They check through third-party booking sites for the prices of hotels and short-term rentals. Kayak can be beneficial in finding independent hotel or short-term rental that are cheaper. is an affiliate of Expedia, same as orbitz, travelocity and trivago. When you search for hotels though this site, you see prices for non-hotel properties like resorts and beds & breakfasts popping up from your search. You also have an access to thousands of last-minute deals when you visit their website or use their app. They offer bundles that you can purchase in a single transaction and this helps you save money.


Momondo is an independent search engine and has become a favourite site for many traveleКартинки по запросу Momondors searching for cheap flights & hotels. Momondo has ability to also search for other lodging facilities that aren’t hotels, like apartments, villas, campsites and vacation rentals. It compares the prices of all possible hotel listings on both big travel sites like and as well as on other smaller ones.