Services for Finding a Hotel

Hotel finders are supposed to help you make planning easy and help you find out more about your destination. Customer reviews and star ratings are very important in rating a hotel finder and every month they are rated by the millions of customers who use their services. Most of them have been evaluated a few times and one account reveals that they have been reviewing hotel finders for eight years. They got their results by reviewing the rewards program offered by these sites as well as lowest prices and which of these sites are easy to use, instead of location or amenities. Another account reveals that they surveyed more than 500 travelers to find out what features matter most. For most of them, price was more important. So this leaves us with, Orbitz, and Expedia. Also since Expedia and Priceline own majority of the service finders, so there are many similarities in the way they work.

  • They have an excellent system and rewards programs. If you sign up with them, they send you notifications whenever hotel prices change. Signing up will also enable you to get deals at the members-only price.
  • Expedia: Expedia also enables the members-only prices and offers the best rewards program. This makes it the best site for regular travelers. There are points to earnКартинки по запросу Expedia every time you book hotels, flights or cruises with this site. Expedia+ which is the reward program by Expedia, makes a member eligible for special discounts. There are different levels and you get different services.
  • Orbitz: For a full travel packages, Orbitz will be the best choice. It is the easiest site to bundle both hotels, car rentals and flights together. Booking all three at a time will save you the hassle. With a bundle like this, you will be at an advantage when booking hotel rooms.